Yarr be a Pirate too!

You can be a Yarr Pirate too by using this form to submit your book reviews.

Any reader who submits 3 or more guest reviews is eligible to receive ARCs (advance review copies) and Non-ARCs (novels already available for purchase) as they become available and are offered to LYAF. They could be print or ebook. When you’ve turned in your third review or post, I will email you (or you can email me) and ask if you’re interested in hearing about available ARCs. You are free to accept or decline this invitation. An acceptance will mean I add your email to a mailing list.

* These ARCs and novels are conditional, requiring a commitment from you to review them in a timely manner.
* ARC reviews must be turned in during the month of the release. Non-ARCs should be reviewed within a month of receiving them.
* It can’t be labeled as a DNF. You must finish the book. Other than that, the review must meet normal guest review requirements, be courteous and honest.
* ARCs and novels are given out on a first come first serve basis. The first reader who responds showing interest will get the book.
* A reviewer can only have one ARC or novel at a time. When the review is turned in you will be eligible for another book.

What are you waiting for? Start reviewing!

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