Welcome to the FAQ page. Here you can learn more about LYAF, Yarrs, staying in touch, etc.


Q: What is a Yarr?

A: Yarrs are Young Adult Reader & Reviewers. Get it? Yarr?

Q: Can I be a Yarr?

A: You can be a Yarr too; learn how at Yarr be Pirate Too!

Q: Why the pirate theme?

A: Because “YARR!” is a pirate yell.

Staying in Touch:

Q: Are you on Twitter?

A: Naturally. Follow me @CaptainYarr

Q: How can I get LYAF in my email? Does it cost anything?

A: Sign up for free with LYAF’s RSS feed.

Q: Do you have a Kindle blog feed?

A: Yes. You can find it here: Literature Young Adult Fiction [Kindle Edition].

Q: Are you on Facebook?

A: Yes you can follow LYAF at Network Blogs or by becoming a fan!

Q: How can I contact you?

A: As I’m only 13, I am unavailable for direct contact. You may however contact my big sister at loverompass@gmail.com with any questions or comments concerning LYAF.


Q: Do you read ARCs?

A: Sure do. I’d love to read yours too! Contact my big sister at loverompass@gmail.com for details on how to get one to us. Please make the subject header read: Yarr ARC Inquiry as she also has her own blog. We don’t want any mix-ups!

Q: Would you be interested in advertising partnerships?

A: Yes, thank you! Please contact my big sis, loverompass@gmail.com for details. Make the subject header read: Yarr Advertising Inquiry as she runs her own blog separate from mine. We don’t want any mix-ups!

Q: Does LYAF do giveaways and how can I host one?

A: We do indeed do giveaways and we’d love to help promote your books and authors. To get started email my big sister at loverompass@gmail.com with the subject header: Yarr Giveaway Inquiry.

Q: How do the giveaways work, exactly?

A: The way we run giveaways is to let you keep the items until a winner has been selected. Then we notify you of the winner’s snail mail. This way shipping is only paid once.


Q: What about FTC Transparency?

A: If it looks like an ad or sale link, it is. Literature Young Adult Fiction runs several affiliate advertisers including but not limited to: Commission Junction, Amazon, Ebay, and ShareAShale. Under the new FTC guidelines for blogger transparency I want to make it perfectly clear that Literature Young Adult Fiction receives free Advance Review Copies and books from several authors and publishers. While we have an ARC category to easily separate and distinguish these books from regular purchases or library borrowing, please assume unless explicitly stated otherwise that every book on this blog was given to the reviewer by the publisher or author and was kept as compensation. Thank you!

Mysterious Big Sis:

Q: You keep mentioning this big sister, Keira, and her blog; what is it?

A: I do! That’s because she’s awesome and helped me put LYAF together. Keira runs a romance novel book review blog call Love Romance Passion. You can find her on Twitter too @reviewromance

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